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Sinai Temple - 10400 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90024 Phone (310) 474-1518 Fax (310) 474-6801

10400 Wilshire Blvd.   Los Angeles, CA. 90024   Phone (310) 474-1518   Fax (310) 474-6801




Nazarian Student Blog

Israel Center Education

Israel Center: EducationThrough educational programs, the Center will allow us to learn more about Israel, and thus, learn more about ourselves as Jews. Israel is our spiritual home. We are bound to the land by history and destiny. We are blessed to live in this rich and good land and to live in a time when Israel exists. This modern State is an historic achievement, a celebration of our faith, our ideals, our history, and our culture. The Sinai Temple

Israel Center will provide a comprehensive educational experience for the study and understanding of Israel for all ages through educational missions and extended study programs, lecture series with prominent Israeli scholars, tutorial sessions for those who wish to expand their personal connection to Israel, and a communications center to connect
Jewish institutions around the world.

Click here for a list of all Sinai Temple Israel Center Website Facts!

The Sinai Temple Israel Center is pleased to present our David and Angella Youth Leadership Program!

Click here to download the application.

Zionism Ideas

The Sinai Temple Israel Center presents:


  • Discover – look at Israel today from a different perspective: find out why “Israel Matters”
  • Engage –dynamic discussions on hot topics, role playing and more!
  • Advocate –learn how to identify and stand up to bias and misinformation


ISRAEL MATTERS is coming to you!

This year, Israel Matters is conducting specialized Israel education and advocacy sessions for you and your peers:

ATID (ages 21-39)                                            Topic and Date to be determined
Religious School and SAA                                   Topic and Date to be determined
Dor Chadash (young families)                              Topic and Date to be determined
Men’s Club/Sisterhood/Chai Society                      Topic and Date to be determined
Board of Directors                                             Topic and Date to be determined

Interested in having Israel Matters design a class for your group?
Contact Rabbi Nicole Guzik to get started!

RSVP for above sessions to Ellen Pierson at epierson@sinaitemple.org or 310-481-3234.



  • Ariel Bina
  • Jason Gabaee
  • Jacob Gold
  • Joshua Mehdyzadeh
  • Maxine Moore
  • Brigitte Saeidi-Omrani
  • Ethan Sassouni
  • Serena Wolfman
  • Alissa Yankelevits
  • Brandon Yeshoua

The David and Angella Nazarian Youth Leadership Program is an elite nine month program for ten 9th grade Sinai Temple students. Our two and ½ hour sessions include interactive team building, education seminars, and stimulating peer and mentor/mentee conversations and a winter break trip leadership mission to Israel. These students will become instilled with values of Judaism and leadership and develop a love for the land and people of both Israel and Los Angeles. As well, our fellows will build a connection to Sinai Temple, and learn about other Jewish organizations where they can further develop their Jewish leadership training after the completion of the program. Part of each session will be devoted to learning how to write and present a business plan with the expectation of each fellow developing their own project that will cater to the needs of Israel and the Los Angeles Jewish community. As well, there is an expectation for each fellow to meet with their given mentor in between each session.

Interested in becoming a 2012-2013 Nazarian fellow?
Contact Rabbi Nicole Guzik at nguzik@sinaitemple.org or 310-481-3234.

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We are a member of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs. We aim to provide a framework within which men can broaden their knowledge and understanding of the history and values of our people and in which they can make tangible contributions of their talents and treasure in an environment of good fellowship.
Our goal at Sinai Temple is to create a Bar/Bat Mitzvah program that is a spiritual and religious experience counseling child and family to God, the Jewish people and to each other.
The Sinai Temple Israel Center is the first synagogue center that provides programmatic resources and avenues for Los Angeles Jewry to establish cultural, professional, spiritual, and economic ties to the land of Israel.
Sinai Temple's 20's & 30's Community
Torah in the Round regularly meets on the third Shabbat of the month, usually located in Kohn Chapel. 
We are ready to commit to Torah—through reflection, persistence, and study. Are you? Welcome to Torah in the Round!
A warm, traditional lay-led family friendly service. We meet weekly, beginning at 9:30am and finishing at 12 noon with a scrumptious kiddush. Come join our family!