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The David and Angella Nazarian Youth Leadership Program is an elite nine month program for ten 9th grade Sinai Temple students. Through sessions (two hours per session including interactive team building, education seminars, and stimulating peer and mentor/mentee conversations) and a winter break trip leadership mission to Israel, these students will become instilled with values of Judaism and leadership, develop a love for the land and people of both Israel and Los Angeles, build a connection to Sinai Temple, and learn about other Jewish organizations where they can further develop their Jewish leadership training after the completion of the program. Below you will find our daily updates about our Israel Leadership Mission 2013:
Day One - Gilda Levy Day Two - Tammy Shine
Day Three - Simon Weisberg
Day Four - Elliot Sina Days Five - Seven - Daniela Tor  
2013 Nazarian Fellows
Nazarian Fellows - 2013
Check back often for updates from our travelers!
Days Five - Seven authorAuthor: Daniela Tor
Subject: Days Five - Seven  

Days Five - Seven

Days 5-7On Friday morning, our firth day in Israel, we started off the day by volunteering at Aleh - a non profit organization that helps special needs children with anything from medical and nutritional needs to housing and schooling. After talking about the mission of Aleh with its director, we split up into groups and helped out with kabbalat shabbat in the classrooms. It was truly a powerful experience and one like no other. Many of these children couldn't speak and were in constant pain but us being there brought a smile to their faces. We then stopped by the world famous shook, Machaneh Yehuda, for lunch where we participated in a scavenger hunt, enabling us to taste a variety of Israeli foods. Afterward we went to Kol Haot, an organization that teaches Judaism through the arts. Together we expressed the Parasha of Vayera using collages and colors. After a long day of learning and helping out the community we headed back to the hotel to get ready for Shabbat. After a Shabbat story from Matt, we headed out to the Kotel for a special Kabbalat Shabbat. It was a long walk! And the Kotel was PACKED! We each put the notes which we had written the previous day in the wall and then danced and sung to to shabbat songs. To conclude this magical night we were then hosted at a "Shabbat of a Lifetime dinner" by a family in Nachlaot. Jeff and Ariela, both Orthodox Jews, had prepared for us a delicious and traditional Israeli Shabbat meal!

Days 5-7On Shabbat morning we attended Shabbat Services at the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem. For most of us this was a very unique experience because it was an Orthodox synagoue, meaning people were dressed differently and the men and women were seated separately. This Synagogue was also very well known for its amazing men's choir. We then headed back to the hotel for lunch, after which we had the privilege of learning Torah with Nolan Lebovitz, one of Sinai Temple's rabbinic interns. We studied the story of Jacobs ladder and studied the commentary of Rashi and Rashban in order to learn about how to talk about Israel to different groups of people in different contexts. During "Shabbat Menucha" some of us decided to stay in the hotel playing cards and resting while others headed out to explore and learn about the history of the city gates of Jerusalem with our tour guide Michal. With Shabbat coming to an end we came together as a group and talked about the different leadership skills that we had learned throughout the trip and how we will contribute these skills upon returning home to our Sinai Temple teen community. We did Havdallah and then walked to the Old Train Station where we had dinner and each bought a container of the famous Israeli gummies.

Days 5-7On our second to last day in Israel, Sunday, we started off the morning early with a very fulling breakfast and a fairly long drive to an IDF base in Ashkelon. At the IDF base we were led by a leading member of FIDF and 3 soldiers on a tour of the base. We got to participate in a shooting simulation (don't worry - it was video game style!) that real soldiers use while training in order to improve their accuracy and efficiency. We also had the chance to go inside of a real tank and see how it works and the role of each of the people inside a canon. Many of our questions about how it is like to live in the army and be in the army were finally answered. We then went to a Bedouin tent where we enjoyed camel rides surrounded by a beautiful view of the Negev. After a quick stop for lunch we then stopped at an Ethiopian Absorption Center in Be'er Sheva, which was an incredibly fun experience. We learned that the Ethiopian Absorbtion Center was a temporary home for many Ethopian Jews who had immigrated to Israel within the last two years. In Ethiopia, they weren't exposed to many of the things that we know how to do instrinctively such as brushing our teeth or flushing the toilet. The Absorption Center teaches them these skills while also teaching them to speak hebrew and immerse themselves in Israeli culture. While there, we went to two different classrooms of adorable and loving Ethopean children, and helped them learn hebrew and communicate with us in the language of our common religion. It was then time to come back to Jerusalem, where we ate dinner and shopped at the outdoor Mamila Mall and then headed back to the hotel after another informative and outstanding day in Israel!


Days 5-7 Days 5-7

Day Four authorAuthor: Elliot Sina
Subject: Day Four  

Day Four

day fourThe day started off with an interactive lecture at our hotel by Dr. Rachel Korazim, a Holocaust and Israel educator. By incorporating elements of theater and improvisation, we were able to comprehend the Holocaust through an Israeli's point of view rather than the common American narrative, specifically, the Israeli perspective change that led to the new Yad VaShem building built in 2005. We then traveled to what was arguably the most fascinating museum I have ever visited: Yad VaShem. John, our British tour guide, was able to keep us interested throughout the two and a half hour tour through his unique take on the Holocaust and clever analogies. He had an answer to every question and made the tour exceptionally engaging. On another note, something I found particularly fascinating was the clever architecture of the building. Its modern interior was essentially a long triangular hallway starting and ending with a wide balcony facing away from it. John explained while there is a lot of discussion about why the architect structured the entrance and exit in this manor, that perhaps the architecture is intentionally ambiguous -we're to absorb the information displayed throughout the museum, and figure out on our own what meaning to make of it. After lunch at Malcah, the largest mall in Israel, we went to the Jerusalem YMCA. We interacted with about twenty Israeli Jewish, Muslim, and Christian teens. We took part in multiple "ice-breakers," and in turn, developed relationships with people who were strangers an hour earlier. We then ended the day with a filling meal at the Olive and Fish restaurant. Overall, today was one of the highlights of the trip so far. I look forward to the rest!

day four day four


Day Three authorAuthor: Simon Weisberg
Subject: Day Three

Day Three

Day ThreeToday, we woke up bright and early at around 6, and went down for breakfast. We had to head out early because we had an early appointment at Neot Kedumim, an 18 acre biblical nature reserve. There, we engaged in team building leadership workshops by building an arch, which relies on all parts of the arch to be supportive. We also learned to herd sheep, which not only had a biblical reference, but also taught us to learn how to lead, just like Moses and Joseph. After that, we drove to Jerusalem where we had lunch at the Cardo, choosing from a variety of cuisines such as hamburgers, pizza, and shwarma. Next after lunch, we went to the knesset to meet with Ron Hoffman, an MK in the Knesset and member of the Yesh Atid partya. We talked to him about his experience in politics and close friendship with Yitzhak Rabin. After the Knesset, we went to the hotel to take a quick nap and settle into our new digs in Jerusalem before going to Ben Yehuda street to have dinner and do some shopping.

Day Three Day Three


dateDate:  12/24/13 authorAuthor: Tammy Shine
Subject: Day Two

Day Two

Day TwoThis morning we had a late wakeup at 8:15 and started the morning discussing our schedule for the day in terms of the leadership qualities we would be working on, and writing our own prayers for the Birkot Hashachar. I gave a fantabulous presentation on the Women of the Wall and the leadership qualities that their president, Anat Hoffman, possess. After a short discussion about different religious opinions present in Israel, we continued on to a delicious breakfast in the hotel.

Our first stop of the day was the headquarters of SpaceIL! The Nazarian fellows enjoyed and listened intently to a presentation of SpaceIL's mission/story (they are a nonprofit trying to build a robotic space craft for the Google Lunar X competition) from one of the founders of the project, Kfir. We learned about how important and innovative Israel's inventions are not only within Israel but also to the rest of the world.

Our next stop was to the Jaffa Institute where we packaged/boxed different nutritious foods to help food insecure families. 1 out of every 5 people in Tel Aviv is under the poverty line! After giving back to the South Tel Aviv community, we traveled to Jaffa for some lunch. The Nazarian fellows delighted in some pizza sombusas from Abulafia and walked around "window" shopping by the different selections down the street. We traveled in the bus straight after lunch to Rechovot: home of the Weizmann Institute of Science! We learned from a current student at the Institute about friction, gravity, and how to make a rocket fly. The fellows split into two groups to make their own rockets out of empty coke bottles, plastic wings, tape, and water. It was rather exciting when they actually flew. We then proceeded to the interactive exhibit within the visitor's center of the Institute where we learned about how biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics are incorporated into the different studies researched at the Institute. Lastly, we experienced a laser beam visual exhibit that explored time, perspective and size and included things like babies aging into old women, watermelons exploding, and flowers bloomingbeneath us on a double-glass door.

Day TwoFinally, for our last "Nazarian" experience of the day, we visited Dialogue in the Dark to gain some perspective and to walk two moons in the shoes of the visually impaired. The fellows immensely enjoyed the blind tour and were fascinated by the unique view of the world we got by trying to feel our way through the museum with the help of our tour guide Talia. We enjoyed a short boat trip, a walk through a forest, and some snacks all in pitch black.

For dinner, we went to a mall in Cholon to enjoy the Kosher food court. We enjoyed a filling dinner and headed back to the hotel for some well-deserved sleep.


Day Two
Day Two
Day Two
Day Two



dateDate:  12/23/13 authorAuthor: Gilda Levy
Subject: Day One

Day One

Day OneToday, we arrived at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv to start off our amazing journey to become better leaders in LA and for Israel. During the 15 hour flight, we all shared food, jokes, and listened to music together. Once the plane landed in Israel we all clapped enthusiastically and being that it was Elliot's first time in Israel we all convened to sing the She'hechianu together. After going though customs, we were welcomed into israel by our tour guide Michal, and given generous welcome snacks from the Finkelstein-Boim family. We then boarded our bus, which took us to the hotel in order to unpack and unwind. Later, at night, we went to the Yemenite restaurant, Muganda, to finish off our long day of travel with a feast. This fulfilling meal started off with various Yemenite dips and salads, delicious Israeli falafels and ended off with tasteful chicken and kabobs. Tired from the long night's travel, we headed to the hotel, concluding our first day in Israel as Nazarian Fellows, and excited for the real adventure to begin tomorrow!

Day One Day One




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