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Rabbi David Wolpe

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Sinai Temple - 10400 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90024 Phone (310) 474-1518 Fax (310) 474-6801

10400 Wilshire Blvd.   Los Angeles, CA. 90024   Phone (310) 481-3340   Fax (310) 478-9478




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Men's Club

Sinai Temple Men's Club






Alex Baskin
Dr. Leon Brown
Dr. Abbey Esagoff
Mansour Eslamboly
Daryoush Farahmand
Asher Ganjian
Dr. Harry Green
Dr. Richard Greenberg
Dr. Isaac Hakim
Dr. Paul Herman
Moti Levy-Tsedek
Dr. Nasser Matloob
Michael Nazarian
Zoltan Rados
Behnam Rodd
Dr. Youssef Rokhsar
Dr. Isaac Schmidt
Steven Soroudi
Dr. Allan Swartz

Past presidents club
Reuben Shulman, 1951-1953 z'l
Irwin Reiss, 1953-55 z'l
Fred Babbin, 1955-57 z'l
Jack Bloom, 1957-59 z'l
William Friedland, 1959-61
Boris Marks, 1961-62
Earl Klein, 1962-63 z'l
Irving Tansey, 1963-64 z'l
Irving Kory, 1964-65 z'l
Dr. Samuel Levine, 1965-66
Dr. Mitchell Locks, 1966-67 z'l
Norman Atkins, 1967-68
Gerald Berke, 1968-69
Jules Porter, 1969-70 z'l
Murray Rubinow, 1970-71 z'l
Ted Levin, 1971-72 z'l
Albert Moscow, 1972-73 z'l
Lee Laine, 1973-74
Ronald Schultz, 1974-75
Arthur Diamond, 1975-77
Sidney Katz, 1977-78 z'l
Sol Herzfeld, 1978-79 z'l
Barton Kogan, 1979-80
Abe Guttman, 1980-81
David Pastor, 1981-83 z'l
Arthur Perfit, 1983-84 z'l
Norman Karchem, 1984-86
Herman Braunstein, 1986-87 z'l
Peter Winkelman, 1987-89
Donal Dreifus, 1989-91 z'l
Arthur Omansky, 1991-93
Milton Gan, 1993-95 z'l
Glen Flug, 1995-96
Philip Rosenbaum, 1996-99 z'l
Myles L. Berman, 1999-2000
David Matloob, 2000-2002
Stephen Silberman, 2002-2004
Joseph Gabbaian, 2004-2006
Frank Pournazarian, 2006-2008
Bijan Bina, 2008-2010
Elie Alyeshmerni, 2010-2012
Shervin Behnam, 2012-2014

Men’s Club Rabbi
Rabbi Erez Sherman

OFFICERS  2014-2015

Welcome to the Home Page of the Sinai Temple Men’s Club

“Where Jewish Values Come to Life”

The Men’s Club provides a unique and warm environment in which our members meet for programs, work together and simply have an enjoyable time with others who share our Jewish values, a commitment to Israel and a desire to lead and give back to the community.

We have regularly scheduled meetings -- usually the first Tuesday of every month except for July -- where we bring extraordinary and engaging speakers to talk about Jewish values, the State of Israel, health, self-improvement, spirituality and leadership. The meetings typically begin with a free, light dinner, followed by a chance to mingle with other members and guests, and then our program.

The Men’s Club is devoted to the well-being of Jews throughout the world and specifically in the State of Israel. Our monthly programs include speakers who share their views on Israel’s historic and unprecedented achievements, the challenges it faces, and ways we can be effective in supporting the only Jewish state we have.

We also host programs with experts on health issues, personal development and, in general, what is sometimes referred to as self-help or self-improvement efforts.

Besides our programs, we have many annual events, including our Burning Bush Awards dinner, where we honor those who have made extraordinary contributions to our communities. We sponsor excursions to meaningful sites in Los Angeles, game nights, wine tasting, and sports events in Sinai Temple’s three gyms.

We hope that you will not only attend, but will join the Sinai Temple Men’s Club. It is open to everyone. It is the perfect way to meet others who share the love of Judaism, who want to bring Jewish values to life, and who are committed to having a good time while giving back to our community.

All the best,

Cary B. Lerman

Cary B. Lerman

Mark Haloossim
Executive Vice President

Elie Alyshemerni

Michael Silberstein

Andrew Harwood

Peter Rothholz

Irwin Segal
Corresponding Secretary

James Hatami
VP-Special Projects

Assaf Lichtash

Daniel Simantob
VP - Membership

Frank Pournazarian
VP - Ways and Means

Joseph Gabbaian
Rick Richman

VP - Israel Connection

Jason S. Kahan
George Eshaghian

VP - Rituals

Steve Pompan
VP - Sinai Outreach

Bijan Bina
Shawn Dadbin

VP - Sports

David Matloob
FJMC Representative

10400 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024-4600 • Tel: 310.481.3340 • Fax: 310.478.9478

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We are a member of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs. We aim to provide a framework within which men can broaden their knowledge and understanding of the history and values of our people and in which they can make tangible contributions of their talents and treasure in an environment of good fellowship.
Our goal at Sinai Temple is to create a Bar/Bat Mitzvah program that is a spiritual and religious experience counseling child and family to God, the Jewish people and to each other.
The Sinai Temple Israel Center is the first synagogue center that provides programmatic resources and avenues for Los Angeles Jewry to establish cultural, professional, spiritual, and economic ties to the land of Israel.
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